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Double, Triple or even 10x your sales and profits!

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  • Optimization of their environment/processes

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Glad you are here!

Back in 2019 Jenny was stressed out, 20 pounds heavier than she is today and had that nagging feeling that mediocrity was creeping into her life. It's an uncomfortable feeling for sure. Maybe you've felt something similar.

She knew it was time to do some deep work and figure out her purpose. Her TRUE purpose for being here. There were a lot of tears, a lot of self-doubt, a lot of negative self-talk along the way, but ultimately, Jenny followed what her mentors and coaches told her and stood up, took charge and

ultimately found her fire!

The best part is if she can do it, so can you!!

Stepping into your confidence and feeling empowered is not just for the super rich or highly accomplished women of this world. It is for you too and it is your birth rite.

Before we jump into the work, let's take a look at how Jenny is here before you today.

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The longer version (for the more curious):

In the bustling corridors of IBM, a young intern named Paul Herbka embarked on a journey that would see him climb the ranks, from a diligent System Engineer (SE) to the pivotal role of National Sales Manager. Here, Paul discovered not just the nuances of technology, but the art of human connection. He mastered the skills to motivate individuals, orchestrate teams to excellence, and amplify business sales by staggering millions every quarter.

But IBM was just the prologue. Paul transitioned to the healthcare sector, diving deep into its technical intricacies. He became the go-to guru for companies needing training in cutting-edge Cyber Threat Intelligence, Security Solutions, and everything from encryption to firewalls.

With a rich tapestry of roles spanning sales, training, and leadership, Paul's versatility shone. He's launched prosperous enterprises, transformed a four-person outfit into a booming business that later sold for a premium, and even founded his own training institution.


In his leadership stride, Paul took the helm of two global development teams. Their mission? To align their technology stacks, embrace a genuinely agile methodology, and refine the development processes that both
teams utilized.

Alignment wasn't just a buzzword; it was the backbone of their success. Ensuring an improved security posture was paramount, and they achieved this by leveraging tools, harnessing the power of data analytics, and enhancing system communications and processes.

The best part was working with smart, intelligent, passionate and dedicated programmers and development teams that embraced the vision, supported each other, and made things happen.

The results were incredible. But Paul's influence doesn't stop at the boardroom or the server room. For decades, he has illuminated stages as an award-winning speaker, captivating audiences with his insights and expertise. Whether a CISO, a business manager, entrepreneur, or a business owner, many have sought his wisdom, turning to him for business coaching and guidance.

Paul's legacy is both vast and impactful. Now, the opportunity beckons: discover how you can collaborate with the multifaceted man, Paul Herbka.

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